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1992 Honda CB250 Owners Manual and Technical Data Specification

1992 Honda CB250 Owners Manual gives advice that you adhere to and follow all instructions provided therein for your own safety and comfort. In the manual, youll find important information and explanation about operation and maintenance.

Some things you can find in this manual are a motorcycle safety, parts location, features, and operation. Additionally, you also can learn and understand how to care for and maintain your bike stays in the best performance.

1992 Honda CB250 Technical Data Specification
Overall length: 2,090 mm
Overall width: 755 mm
Overall height: 1,090 mm
Wheelbase: 1,425 mm
Ground clearance: 165 mm
Dry weight: 132kg
Engine oil - After draining: 1.5 l
Engine oil - After disassembly: 1.8 l

Fuel tank: 16 l
Fuel reserve: 3 l
Passenger capacity load: Operator and one passenger

Maximum weight capacity: 174 kg (386 lbs)
Bore and stroke: 53 x 53 mm (2.09 in x 2.09 in)
Compression ratio 9.2 : 1
Displacement: 234 cm
Chassis and Suspension
Caster 28° 30
Trail 109 mm
Tire size, front 90/100 ~ 18 54S
Tire size, rear 120/90 ~ 16 63S
Power Transmission
Primary reduxtion 3.632
Gear ratio, 1st 2.846
                     2nd 1.778
                     3rd 1.333
                     4th 1.083
                     5th 0.913
Final reduction 2.214
Battery 12V - 6Ah
Generator 190W/5,000 min-1 (rpm)
Headlight (HIHG/LOW) 12 V - 40/45 W...E 12 V - 35/50 W...U

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