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2004 Honda Accord How to Upgrade the Navigation System

I want to upgrade my 2004 Honda Accord navigation system with the new version. My original Honda Navigation System is the version 2.05 (APN2-34102). The new one is the version 3.02 (APN2-34102), but I have a DVD reading error when I introduce the new DVD, Does anyone know what the problem is? And how can I do to upgrade the new navigation system?
Answer: Unfortunately the disc you have is not compatible with the old version, it will never work! The first part of the version number, the “2” or the “3,” refers to which navigation system you have fitted, the earlier versions all start with 2, they are non voice activated systems disc. But the 3 version is the voice activated systems disc, both systems are completely incompatible. The color of the disc with the non voice activated discs is black/gold color but the later voice activated discs are all white. The correct version you need for your 2004 Honda Accord is 2.07 and the Honda part number is 08A42 1D6 007.

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