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2014 Dodge Challenger Srt8 Concept

2014 Dodge Challenger Srt8 Concept - Line option-your-own-gear could be a no continue the 2012 model, however with all the protests of the V-6 emptor needs possibility, Dodge can possible adhere to succeeding generation. The transmission V-8 model ‘, see

Under the hood, youll be able to expect very little amendment, with the exception of the removal of four.6-liter SRT8 models, the Pentastar V-6 engine handy machine relative to the Camaro and pony V-6 engine, and a Hemi V -8 lineup is as stout as ever, though it may use some tweaking within the potency of the new restaurant standards passed.

What we tend to might even see could be a slight revision to the body and lighting, simply to offer a replacement look, and a few weight loss action. Things like aluminium panels, thin metal, light-weight rims, etc., can facilitate get the 2014 Dodge Challenger weight under control and perhaps build the automobile a lot of manageable.
2014 Dodge Challenger
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Rumors started within the 2014 Dodge Challenger enthusiast world can move a lifesize car for a a lot of compact chassis to assist higher upset the likes of the Ford pony and nark Camaro. in keeping with reports from Automobile Magazine, 2014 Dodge Challenger can still share the “DNA” with the brothers three hundred and Charger. This ends up in one in every of the remaining competition hefty vehicle – abundant to the chagrin of fans – or fully revamping the chassis that Chrysler three hundred, Challenger, and Charger sitting on. The latter is very unlikely.

Dodge Company, can unharness 2014 Dodge Challenger within the international market, this automobile can return to the eye of consumers, the actual fact that there the competition within the fifth year within the current style to be redesigned. Rumors unfold of many points that generation competition would terribly sky-high greeted customers at the automobile show in early 2014, once planning to begin to be discharged in early 2015 or late 2014.

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