Monday, February 25, 2013

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2014 Honda Fit Sport Concept

2014 Honda Fit Sport Concept - 2014 Honda Fit use a 1.5-liter engine produces 117 horsepower speed. Honda plans to the latest version of the powerplant as part of an initiative of the Earth Dreams Technology engine will use direct injection.

2014 Honda Fit planned release date in 2014, the initial release was revealed in showroom Mexico. Contained enthusiastic customers, one of the activities carried out is to look for information about 2014 Honda Fit.
2014 Honda Fit Sport
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Concept of the densest in the New Fit is expected to feature additions to the interior so that the driver and passengers will be comfortable when driving, and the exterior, which is expected to create enthusiastic customers and fell in love when I saw the first time 2014 Honda Fit.

Company Honda plans to boost proclaim global market, with the release 2014 Honda Fit with the latest update feature, designed to meet the needs of the driver and passengers.

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