Tuesday, February 19, 2013

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Congratulations on the purchase of your new pool/spa heat pump. A Heat Pump is one of the most efficient ways to heat your pool or spa. Your heat pump was manufactured by Calorex USA, the very first company to produce swimming pool heat pumps. Since making the very first pool heat pump some 24 years ago, Calorex has become the industry leader in reliability and efficiency.

You can expect to get more use from your pool or spa investment with your new heat pump. The heat pump will extend your swimming season at very affordable operational cost. When compared to propane gas pool/spa heaters, the heat pump is 5 times more efficient. The heat pump is pollution free & environmentally friendly. Please review this owners manual so you can better understand the use and operation of your new heat pump. Be advised there is a separate installation manual shipped with each heat pump.

download SWIMMING POOL & SPA HEAT PUMPS Owner Manual here

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