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Volvo S70 Repair Manual PDF

Volvo S70 Repair Manual PDF - Welcome to our blog and we hope you will be satisfied. Guys, what are you looking for is here. Below you can download it for free. But it will be better if you read the review of VOLVO S70, V70 1998-2000, VOLVO C70 1998-2004 Automatic climate control.
Depress two (2) vertical tabs on the face of the radio. This will cause tabs to spring out. Carefully pull on tabs to remove radio from cavity. Let radio hang to left, resting on protective towel. (Do not disconnect wiring) . STEP 2. Remove climate control by inserting your hand inside radio cavity, grasping climate control from behind, and gently push out using a up and down wiggle motion. NOTE: These clips can be hard to release. Four (4) clips will be released two (2) on top and two (2) on bottom. Push out completely and set aside. (Do not disconnect wiring). STEP 3. Locate the flat spot on the right side of the climate control cavity. Place Pro.Fit VSM® to the rear of flat area in cavity and use marking pen to mark holes using the Pro. Fit VSM® as a guide. Set Pro.Fit VSM® aside. Using 5/64” drill bit and drill, drill pilot holes. STEP 4. Install the phone holder onto Pro.Fit VSM®. Align Pro.Fit VSM® with pilot holes. Insert and tighten the provided screws. (MAKE SURE SCREW HEADS ARE FLUSH WITH MOUNT) ! STEP 5. Re-install the climate control making sure the clips hook and lock the climate control back into place. Reinstall radio.Locate the three control knobs on the climate control. Remove the two outside knobs by grasping them firmly and pulling towar you. Set the knobs aside. Behind both knobs locate two Torx screws. Remove the screws using the Torx driver. Set the screws aside. Insert the hook tool inside and behind one of the control knob holes and pull toward you. This will remove the front section of the climate control from its cavity. Disconnect all wiring and set the unit aside.

Download : Volvo S70 Repair Manual PDF

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