Thursday, March 14, 2013

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Jeep CJ 2A Operation and Care Manual

Like any other piece of machinery, to maintain it in first class condition, you should lubricate it at the time prescribed with the proper grade of oil and grease and keep all working parts and oil holes clean and free of dirt and grit. You should also periodically have it systematically inspected at an Authorized Willys-Overland Service Station. In the following pages we have set forth the knowledge every owner should have of his vehicle, that he may know to take the best care of it and handle it in such a way that he will get maximum service. Information is also available covering external adjustments and minor emergency repairs. Read and follow these instructions carefully; we are sure that you will then enjoy the satisfactory operation that you rightfully anticipate. Should adjustment or repair seem necessary beyond your ability, don’t experiment; have the work done by a competent repair man. It will always prove best and cheapest in the end to have the work done by the Dealer from whom you purchased your car. Many Willys-Overland Dealers have factory trained mechanics and all are familiar with the construction and adjustments through the cooperation of the manufacturer. Do not attempt any adjustments as long as the vehicle is operating satisfactorily. Be sure to obtain the Owner Service Policy, provided by your Dealer on delivery of your new vehicle. At assembly a restrictor is placed between the intake manifold and the carburetor to limit the road speed to approximately 42 mph.
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