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2011 Hyundai Sonata Owners Manual

Djajadiputra Erwin, Vice President of HMI, revealing Sonata might be available April 2011 and right away CKD (assembled) at the Hyundai plant in Pondok Ungu, Bekasi.
Sonata entered the usage of 2.4 liter engine. This top class saloon will problem the Toyota Camry, Nissan Teana, Mazda6 and Honda Accord.

As an illustration, the Toyota Camry promotes for Rp 470.9 million for type G and Rp 498.4 million for type V. Predicted price of Hyundai Sonata will most probably be beneath the Camry and Accord.About the design, the look and features of the Hyundai Sonata no much less pricey than its rivals and proved very well preferred by customers in Europe and America.

Sonata has the size of size 4820 mm, width 1835 mm and 1470 mm excessive with a wheelbase of 2795 mm. Besides luxury, Sonata also offers remedy in the cabin with a spacious legroom and headroom and baggage space galore. As for the 2.4-liter engine is said to emit power as a lot as 178 hp with a torque of 228 Nm.

Download Here 2011 Hyundai Sonata Owners Manual and Brochures

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